Irish Jig and Reel

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  • Irish Jig and Reel
    • Rhythm, Metre and Tempo.
      • Jig is in compound time (6/8, 9/8 or 12/8)
      • Reel is in simple time (2/4, 4/4 or 2/2)
      • The hornpipe is in simple time (2/4 or 4/4) and has dotted rhythms.
      • The slip jig is in 9/8
      • Fast tempo
      • Made up of a constant quaver movement
    • Melody
      • Made up from small intervals: 4ths and 5ths.
      • 4 bar phrases
      • Ornamented by the performer with grace notes and triplets.
      • Are sometimes modal (in a seven note scale)
    • Structure
      • Binary form, with each section repeated (AABB).
    • Instru-mentation
      • Played by a solo instrument.
      • More contemporary versions may have a band.
      • Fiddle (Violin)
      • Tin Whistle
      • Flute
      • Accordian
      • Bodhran (type of drum)
      • Uilleann Pipes (quiet bagpipes)
    • Key Facts
      • Place of origin : Ireland
      • Venues : Ceilis (social gatherings), festivals, parades, dance competitions.
      • Dance steps : upper body is kept straight and stiff, with arms by the side. Focus is on footwork. Steps are fast and energetic with kicks and jumps. It's a solo or line dance.
      • Time popularised : 1990s due to Riverdance.


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