Jig and Reel

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  • Irish Jig and Reel
    • Instruments
      • Violin (fiddle), Irish open-holed wooden flute, tin whistle, concertina/ accordion, guitar, Uillean pipes (Irish bagpipes), and percussion such as the bodrhán (framed drum) and wooden spoons
        • The instruments play the tune in unison
    • The music
      • It has a strong regular beat with an emphasis of the first beat, so it's easy to dance to
      • It's quite fast
      • The melody has clear phrases in a question and answer pattern. Melodies are made of 2 8-bar sections, each played twice to make a 32-bar melody
      • It has simple harmonies , some in a major key and some in minor modes
      • A lot of the traditional music wasn't written down, but passed down over hundreds of years.
    • Reels
      • First taught by travelling dance teachers in the 1700s
      • They are in 4/4 or 2/4, with accents on the first and third beats of the bar
      • The tunes are made of straight quavers, and are quite quick
      • It is a soft shoe dance for women, as it is light with lots of leaps, Men wear hard shoes
    • Jigs
      • They may have started out as the marches of ancient Irish clans
      • They are lively and fast, and start on an anacrusis
      • Single, double, light and heavy jigs are in 6/8, and slip jigs and in 9/8
    • Hornpipes
      • Originally an English dance that spread to Ireland in the 18th century. It was the music of sailors
      • It is in 4/4
      • It often has dotted rhythms, though the musicians can choose to play them straight
      • It is slower than a reel


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