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  • Ions
    • Calcium
      • is a component of calcium pectate which is an essential component of the middle lamella of a plants cell wall
        • Is also essential in blood clotting and muscle clotting
    • Iron
      • Is apart of the haem group in haemoglobin
      • Is an important constituent of electron carriers in respiration
    • Magnesium
      • Essential in giving chlorophyll its light-absorbing properties
    • Potassium
      • Important in maintaining electrical gradients across neurones
    • nitrate
      • Is a component of amino acids, nucleic acids and chlorophyll
    • Phosphate
      • as phospholipids, phosphate is a main component of cell membranes
        • Is also a major component in other important biological molecules including ATP and nucleic acids
    • Hydrogen carbonate
      • Is important as a natural buffer


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