Ionic equations

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  • Ionic Equations
    • Ions in solutions behave independently- and this includes when they are involved in chemical reactions.
    • If two solutions react to form a solid, a precipitation reaction is said to have occured.
    • e.g. Ag +(aq) + NO3 -(aq) + Na +(aq) + Br -(aq) -> AgBr(s) +Na +(aq) + NO3 -(aq)
      • Na +(aq) and NO3 -(aq) are spectator ions (they are not involved in the reaction and) and are not included in the ionic equation.
        • Ag +(aq) + Br -(aq) -> AgBr(s)
    • Neutralisation reactions can also be summarised using ionic equations.
      • When an acid and an alkali react, a covalent compund is formed.


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