Investigating photosynthesis-Core Practical

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  • Investigating photosynthesis- core practical
    • Variables
      • Independent
        • Chloroplasts
      • Dependent
        • Whether the DCPIP decolourises
    • Equipment
      • Centrifuge and centrifuge tubes
      • Spinach leaves
      • Scissors
      • Pestle and motar
      • Muslin
      • Funnel
      • Pipet
      • Measuring cylinder
      • Bench lamp
      • DCPIP
    • Method
      • 1.Cut up spinach leaves
      • 2.Grind up leaves using a pestle and motar with an isolation solution
      • 3. Filter the liquid with a muslin and place in centrifuge tubes
      • 4.Spin in a centrifuge and remove any liquid from the tubes and re-suspend the solid
      • 5.Mix DCPIP with the suspended solution and expose tubes to light
      • 6.Record how long it takes for the blue colour to disappear


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