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Intro/good practice/ competency frameworks

What is the resourcing function concerned with? Whats its aim? What is the job of resourcing specialists? What do industrialised countries HR managers approach recruitment and selection with? Whats its purpose? In What year did ACAS and CIPD set out their approaches? What are the four distinct stages? Explain each? What is it now attracting? What are coming forward? Whats an alternative approach? What have come from those that advocate this approach? What defined competnancy? Year? What was the definition? What does competnacy framework look like? What is this list to ensure? How are they typically expressed? Give examples? What is the difference between compentancy frameworks and person specificaitons? Whats the start? Whats next? Such as? What is the result? What did milsom say? What year? What is therefore included in R&S? what causes debate? Arguments in favour of using comeptenacy frameworks to underpin R&S? what is the other preferred approach? The key poinst made against competnancy frameworks? Good solution? E,g,? what do they need to be careful of taking compentnecies from superior members? What needs to be given thought?

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Internal and informal recruitment

What is intenral recruitment? Can they be just internal? What is the problem with both? What is third approach? What is informal recruitment? what do those who favour good practice think? What are their objections? What is the result usually? What do some argue on behalf of the organisation? Ultiamtley what is good practice problem with these two methods? Are there support points? Taylor? What are the arguments in facour of internal recrutiemtn? What is sparrow and hiltrop year? What was the study? Pfeffer 1994? Delery and doty 1996? Delaney & huselid 1996? What do they all suggest? What about cho et al 2006? What did it show? What about internal candidates that are unsuccseful? What about senior personel level? What do informal and intneral have in common positively? What about cost of informal? What did reed sya? What does a large evidence say about informal recruit? What did one study show? Give names? What about worldwide informal? Culturally? What can it be viewed as?

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Emloyer Branding

What isn’t the good practice model very? Why? What is it inadequate for nowadays? What needs to happen? What is effective? Why? What is this a fundamental truth of? What  does it drive? Give examples? What does it communicate to customers in the market? So what is a brand more powerful than when it becomes international? Is employer branding the same principle? How? What are the two other terms? What is an employer of choice? What is an EVP? In short what is employer branding? What do some managers believe? Why is this faulted? What is a rule in consumer marketing? What does it mean? Is it the same for employee branding? Why? What do they need to decide first? What tools can achieve this? What is the next stage? Whats its aim? Who gave an excellent example for what company? Year? What does an EVP also have? What another good example? What is it like in recent years? For who? What about the evidence? What about the future? Why? What about social networking? What about internationally problems?

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Head-hunters and recruitment agencies

What has always been controversial aspect? Why? Where is it rarely used? Give a bad example? What Is hadhunting like in the UK? What happens occassioanly? Where does the compeititon arise? What is it like? Why is it lucractive? What are the two drabacks then? What is a third? Who do agents put forward? What becomes difficult to argue? What did newell brown and swain 2012 question? Whats the answer? Give an example? Why would normal methods not work? Who can help? Whats another reason? What do hr managers prefer? Whats the problem here? For certain groups what has become the norm? what groups? What does this mean for organisations? What could work? Who gains here? For this eclusivirt what dwould the employer hope?

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Selection interviews

What is left after recruitment stage? What needs to happen next? What si the most common? What happens? Who codmens this method? Why two main reasons? What did research undertakn by occupationa psycologists compare? Exmplaon? What scored what~? Give the authors and dates? Give the reason why they scored that? Why are unstructured interviews so poor? Why may someone give a good interview?  Irrespective of what? On the other what opportunity does it give? What does research into more rigorous and structured approach show? What happens here? What do theses score? What are the most effective formats for structured interviews? What are they asked? Why? What about behavioural questions? Whats the aim? E.g.? what do researches favour? Why? What does it meet? Give in favour of traditional interviews?

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Extra notes

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Intro/ performance v learner/ critical HRD

What has changed in the 20 th century? Quote? What is quickening? Why? Qyote? What was training used to be like? Quote? What has changed? What did they realise? Quote? How is it like HRM? What is debated? Quote? What did Nadler and Nadler define it as? Why is it controversy ? what is important to remember about HRD? What did mcgodlrick state? What differences have other authors reinforced? What is the former focused on? What is it also assoiadted with? What about the latter perseoctve? What is the learning perspective associated with? What does this debate suggest? Why is not neccassirly the case? What is the difference based on? What isn’t there none of in this perspective? Unless? What is used to indicate achievement? What about in learning perspective? What is also valued? What has less importance placed? What is the more subjective criteria?

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Line Managers/ learning theories

What is well known about line managers role? Quote? What do they create and act as? Who relies on who for what? What did a study conducted by who show? Further findings? What is this result? How did knight and shepard break down role of line managers (five two examples)? Despite straight forward how does it fail? Whats the result? When will it achieve max impact? When it comes to structureing and developing HRD function wwhat must be aware? Such as? What is at the heart of HRD? What did gold note? What are there many approaches to? What guides tutors though? What can be spotted? Diide four learning theories ? quote? Define behaviourism? Quote? What did pavlov do? Skinner? What is the underlying of behavioirst learning then? What are the four key principles? Advnatages? Disadvantage? Who started cognitivism learning? What did they look at? Definite it? What is it based on and two key assumptions? Advantage? Disadvantage? How does consturivism take this further? What does it include? What is centred in ths learning? What are there multiple of? What is the tutor as? What are they responsible for then? Such as? Advantage? Disadvantage? Who champions social and situational learning? Social learning emphasises? Situational? Advanatges? Critisms? Categorise each each of the four theoires into formal and informal? What is important to remember about the theories?

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Designing and delivering learning events

Whats a core role of HRD? Quote? What may they be? What do all learning events incorporate (4)? What is the risk of not assessing learning needS? Where can learning needs exist? Where in the organisation? Is a development gap the same as performance gap? Explain? What is the focus here? Where can learning needs arise? Such as? Whats the other type of learning needS? Deduced how? Whats good about totalling needs this way? Whats another one? What do HRD prationaers need to be aware of? What will these impact? What level do they exist  as well? What three things could it be? Whats the concern? Example? What tools do they have to establish? What do they need to establish? Following assessment what is looked at? Meaning? What contrasts to this? What myst HRD professionals consider and who to involve in this process? What three things must be considered? Quote? Give example? What is this objective like? What if it wasn’t? what model is common? What did sadler smith say about planning? What needs to happen next? What does harrisson suggest? What is media? What did gold devlop? What can shape the event? What is curical in design stage? Why? What needs to be kept in mind for implementing? Reid said? Such as? Issues with this could what? What nedes to be considered once the scene is set? What is good practice here? At the event? What if they miss this? What can be used to assure everything is met? What if evaluation is an afterthought? What do the CIPD suggest? Examples (7)? What will specific evaluation depend on? What is the aim (4)? What is crucial to notice? What is the most important part then of a learning event? Whats a useful framework? Explain? What did stewart and rig comment? Why? What needs to happen?

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Future of HRD

What as highlighted at the start? What is impossib;e? what has gold done? Give the 4? Explain the first? How is it seen? What is scenario two like? Scenario 3 pressents? Final scanrio? What do we need to recongise for all? Such as? What is certain to arise? The clear implication? Meaning?

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Generic definition of HRM? What are the generic four objectives? Give differences between HRM and personell management? The three trends resulting in growth of HRM? What is international hrm? What are the five needs of IHRM? What are the five challenges? What are the two types of research to find out the link between HR practices and organisation effectiveness? What do both results show? What will vary when? What is less clear? Give three possibilities? What are none of these though? Give a criticism of HRM? Right wing criticism? What about soft core function? What should HRM be? What is the best practice approach? What are the elements? Whats the alternative? What variables matter? What is taylorism v humanism?  Beauractc v pragmatic? Centralised v decentralised? Intenrally focused v externally focusd? Stakeholder v stockholder orientation?

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Reward Management

why do people work? Only reason? Whos pay crucial to then as well? Why? When are they more likely to support change? What makes it interesting? What is central to HR function? What effects can have it? Objectives of a reward package? What is the first in development in reward management? What is it? Name the four components? E.g.? what is a reactive approach? What is designed? To meet what? What need to be determined? How is base pay determined? What did Wallace say? What do they have to do? What if they ignore external market? What is the arguments in favour? Arguments against? Conclusions on going rate? What is the most debated in HRM? What are the four different systems? Arguments for? Arguments against? PRP conclusions?

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Reward Management 1


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