Intrinsic Aids Mindmap

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  • Intrinsic Aids
    • Found within an act of parliament
    • Judge may refer to long and short title of an Act
      • RCN V DHSS where the long title of the Abortion Act 1967 was referred to
    • A preamble may be found in older statutes, this set out the purpose of the Act
      • Newer acts now include an objectives section.
        • This is seen in the climate change and sustainable energy
    • Schedules may also help judges and are found as an addition tothe main body of the act
      • This can help make sense of an Act
        • Hunting Act 2004
    • Some modern acts now include a definitions section
      • Law Reform Act 1996
    • A judge may look at punctuation as it can effect the meaning of words
      • Hanlon v Law society 1981


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