Intrinsic Aids to Interpretation

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Intrinsic Aids to Interpretation

The Short and Long Title

these give the purpose of the act


In Cornwall County Council V Baker

the purpose of the Protection of Animals Act 2000 was interpreted using the long title

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Intrinsic Aids to Interpretation

The Preamble

outlines the statute covers and its purpose

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Intrinsic Aids to Interpretation

Marginal Notes & Headings

added by the person who drafts the Act, providing guidance on a section



  • marginal notes helped to clarfiy Parliament's intentions regarding the deprevation of drug dealers
  • this helped them to understand whether Parliament intended to seize items of the same worth as money obtained from drug dealing
  • or to seize items that had been brought using money made from the sale of drugs
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Intrinsic Aids to Interpretation

The Interpretation Section

clarifies ambigious or complex areas of the Act


  • interpret section 10 of the Theft Act 1968
  • this stated 'a weapon of offence'
  • but there was confusion as to what this meant 
  • so the interpretation section was used to define 'a weapon of offence' as 'any article made or adapted for use to cause injury'
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Intrinsic Aids to Interpretation


documents added to the end of statutes, explaining certain areas in detail


  • the Contracts Term Act 1977
  • Schedule 2 of this act outlines tests that help to determine reasonableness
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