intolerance in the 1920's

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  • Intolerance in the 1920s
    • Immigration
      • During the 19th century, as the interior of the USA was opened up for settlement, people from Europe poured in
      • By the 20th century Americans were fed up of immagrants.
      • The First World War heightened the hatred of immigrants - especially Germans
      • Immigration was ended when Congress passed the Johnson-Reid Act of 1924, which fixed a quota of 150,000 immigrants a year.
    • The Red Scare
      • Many white anglo-saxon protestants were worried that many immigrants were trying to spread communism in America
      • They feared that they had radicle political beliefs and that they intended to overthrow the accepted system so WASPS saw them as anarchists
      • Red Scare meant a fear of communism
    • Sacco and Vanzetti trial
      • 5th May 1920 - 24th August 1927
      • Of stealing $16,000 and shooting the staff at a shoe factory
      • Evidence - lied to police, they were anarchists, 61 eyewitnesses identified them as the killers
      • Defence - several men confessed, judge was biased against them, lied to police because they feared that they would be discriminated against
      • Why guilty? - became scapegoat of the red scare, they were immigrants/ Italians/ anarchists, judge was biased, influence of the press, some evidence pointed towards them.


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