Interview 2

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  • Interview Disadvantage
    • Structured
      • Lacks validity
        • Truthfulness of interviewee
        • Interview effect
          • Interviewee may interpret interviewer characteristic Gender/Class/etc in ways to get a response
      • Unreliable
        • Truthfulness of interviewee
      • Leading questions
      • Interviewer bias
    • Unstructured
      • Interviewer bias
        • Age/Gender/Ethnicity
      • Can take up a great amount of time
      • Social Desirabilty
        • People like to present themselves in a favourable light
          • Exaggerate aspects of their behavior
      • Produces a lot of data that needs to be interpreted and analysed
    • Semi-Sructured
      • Prompts make every interview different
        • Loss of standardization and comparability
      • Interviewer bias
      • Less quantitative data
    • Group Interviews
      • An interviewee may dominate the interview
        • An interviewee may feel that they haven't had a chance to give their own view
      • Group may go off topic
      • Data is complex and difficult to analyse


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