1.4.2 Internal Feature of the Catholic Church

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    • SOWA
      • The Catechism says the altar is the centre of the church where the sacrifice of the cross is made present and from which the sacraments flow.
      • The Catechism says the visible church is a symbol of the Fathers house towards which Christians are journeying.
      • The Catechism says the tabernacle should be in a most worthy place and treated with the greatest honor.
      • Quakers would argue these features are not needed and that all that is needed their personal relationship with Jesus. As long as you lead the life Jesus wanted you to then you will be saved.
      • Some people may point out that Christianity didn't have Churches with these features for at least 300 years after Jesus' death, therefore cannot really be required as Christians coped without them.
    • FONT
      • Contains holy water blessed at Easter which is used to Baptise during the year.
      • Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation and brings a person into the Christian faith. It forgives sin and so helps people be saved.
      • Container for consecrated hosts.
      • A constant remainder of the true nature of the Eucharist. Catholics are saved by by Jesus who is literally present in the consecrated hosts.
    • ALTAR
      • Where the Eucharistic prayer is offered and the Lords sacrifice becomes a reality during the mass.
      • Through transubstantiation the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ and people are called to share in this communion with God and each other.
      • A cross with the image of Jesus on it. Reminder of the love of Jesus
      • Reminds christians that Jesus died for them. It helps Catholics to keep strength when they too may suffer in life.


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