Places of worship

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Inside a catholic church

  • the altar
  • lectern
  • the pulpit
  • tabernacle
  • sanctuary lamp
  • the font
  • statues
  • stations of the cross
  • stained glass window
  • lady chapel
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Exterior features of a church

  • tower
  • windows pointing upwards
  • stained glass windows
  • cross
  • cruciform (church in the shape of a cross)
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Angelican churches

  • altar is the central feature
  • think that the bible is more important than the Eucharist
  • they do not believe in transubstantiation
  • no tabernacle or sanctuary lamp
  • few churches have statues or stations of the cross
  • have stained glass windows
  • few decorations
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Orthodox churches (external features)

  • stands out
  • rectangular to represent Noah's ark
  • the domes on top of the church are called Cupolas
  • the Cupolas are topped with crosses
  • cupolas represent the heavens above
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Orthodox churches (internal features)

  • the most key feature is the iconostasis
  • behind the iconostasis is the sanctuary called the royal throne
  • the iconostasis represents the division between heaven and earth
  • within the congregation, men and women are split
  • the altar is hidden from the congregation
  • people will stand for all prayers
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Why people go on pilgrimages

  • healing
  • get closer to God
  • widen the church community
  • illness
  • show gratitude
  • deepen faith
  • to help others
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The holy land

  • refers to Palestine and Israel
  • where Jesus lived
  • numerous sites connected with Jesus (lake galilee, Bethlehem)
  • Christians believe they can become closer to God to follow in Jesus' footsteps


  • way of sorrow
  • the route taken by Jesus from Pilates palace to Golgotha
  • many pilgrims will walk bare footed


  • type of tomb
  • church has been built over Golgotha
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  • Mary appeared to Bernadette
  • at night there is a candle lit procession
  • light a candle in the grotto to pray for someone
  • bathe in the spring water
  • attend mass
  • the spring is believed to have healing qualities
  • 67 miracles have happened there
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