Places of Worship

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Church Building


  • to support local commnity
  • calm and spiritual
  • safe
  • strength and power
  • tal tower points to heaven
  • place to study and worship
  • Where people get married
  • provides a meeting place


  • Tall tower design (points to heaven & symbolises that prayers go to heaven)
  • Large door ways
  • stand out design
  • Stain glass windows
  • Arches
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Arguments for/against simple church design

Some demoninations believe that:

  • The church is about the people not the building
  • Money shouldn't be spent on the building but instead should go to charities
  • A simple cross is sufficent enough to show it is a place of worship
  • Allows focus on God and own prayers
  • Less distractions
  • Original and similar to early church
  • Represents the simplicity of God 

HOWEVER others belive that:

  • The church should have tall towers and steeples that point to heaven to stand out from other buidlings as something special that can be recognised even by non- believers
  • It is important that the external features reflect what goes on inside i.e. tall towers= prayers & worship rising up to heaven
  • Buildings should be grand to symbolize that God is great and powerful (buildings should reflect who God is)
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Roman Catholic Churches: Interior

  • Whole church is focused on the sanctury which is: the alter, pulpit and lecturn
  • Lecturn is where the Word of God is proclaimed and readings from the scriptures are read- helps members to PUBLICALLY worship God as it allows everyone to hear the Word of God
  • Altar is where the bread and wine isconsencreated and offered to God. It is a plac of sacrifice where praise is given to God
  • Pulpit is where the priest preaches (sometimes lecturn and pulpit are same thing)
  • Stained Glass Windows which make the church a worthy place to worship God as they brighten up God's house
  • Statues are used for PRIVATE worship as they help people to pray as people can ask their favourite saint to intercede for them
  • Tabernacle keeps consecarted hosts. Many like to pray quietly infront of it as they belive christ is fully present in the consecrated host
  • Lady altar is a side altar dedicated to Mary- encouraged RC to offer devotion to Mary
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Catholic Church VS Anglican


  • Gold candlesticks & crucifix
  • stained glass windows
  • carved wooden pews
  • stautes of saints 
  • altar covered in gold embroided cloth
  • painted ceiling
  • priest wearing colourful vestments

C of E

  • Woden candle sticks & crucifix
  • clear windows
  • plain wooden pews
  • simple wooden table as altar
  • stone flag floors
  • Minister wears black & white 
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Orthodox Church


  • brightly coloured 
  • gold
  • domes/ cupola ( 1 dome = 1 God, 7 domes = 7 sacraments, 33 domes = Jesus' age when teaching)
  • Square or rectangle shape is a Noah's ark representation- saved noah = church will save us 
  • imposing/ large/ fairytale
  • domes represent ceilings of heaven


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Orthodox Church: Interior


  • Iconostasis- screen covered in icons- represents the divison between heaven & earth
  • Icon- religious images of Jesus, Mary, the Angels or saints 
  • Nave- where all the congregation stand. Seperates men and women to show equality before God
  • Sanctuary- contains the altar- only priest & deacons can enter
  • Altar- also called a royal throne or table, removed from normal person's sight
  • Round doors- closed for most of the service, exept from 3 moments which reflect heaven and earth coming closer together
  • Candle stands- represents the light that led the jews through the wildness to the promised land
  • Pantokrator- picture on the dome of the creater of the universe
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Non- Conformist Tradition


  • often v. simple + simple in design
  • sometimes have a board/ sign outside stating the church
  • often have arch shaped windows
  • large door


  • most hold communion services
  • most have an altar and pulpit
  • both have the feel of a place of worship


  • flexible seating
  • no communion every day
  • no set liturgy or practices
  • sometimes no ordained minister
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Quaker Tradition and Baptist Tradition


  • helps friends to worship as it has plain interior with no statues which help them to reflect on own lives and pray without distractions
  • atmosphere is informal and room is laid out with compfy chairs to they are calm and relaxed when focusing on God


  • pulpit- focal point- where people preach and read from the bible
  • flexible seating- people can focus on readings
  • plain church- so people don't get distracted and can focus on preaching
  • maybe has a single large cross
  • no statues
  • banners and falgs
  • bapistery (pool)
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Methodist Tradition

  • more formal than baptist
  • mainly bible- based worship = pulpit and lecturn are important
  • singing is essential so there is lots of music 
  • communion service once or twice a month so communion table normally near pulpit area
  • baptisimal font or bowl somewhere prominent
  • church built so as many people can be near the front as possible so often there are seating son balocnies overlooking the pulpit
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A journey by a christian to a holy site i.e. Lourdes

Why do christians go on a pilgrimage?

  • to restore order in their lives 
  • to help strengthen their faith
  • as a way of thanking God for something they received
  • to seek spiritual, physical or emotional healing
  • to care for the sick and handicapped who want to go on a pilgrimage but cannot go on their own
  • as an act of prayer and devotion
  • to be with God
  • enjoyment
  • knowledge
  • community
  • spiritual journey
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Types of Pilgrimages

The Holy Land

  • go to see where jesus walked
  • see the empety tomb
  • swim in the lake galilee
  • they do all this to strengthen their faith
  • BETHLEHEM- where Jesus was born&laid in a manger. Where God revealed his love for humanity
  • SEA OF GALILEE- scene of Jesus' major teachings- christians see em selves as disciples
  • GETHSEMANE- where Jesus was arrested- join in prayer
  • CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE- where Jesus died and the tomb where he rose- christians can focus on the central event in christian faith
  • THE VIA DOLOROSA- route taken fom Pilate's palace to Gologotha- join in suffering

The Impact:

  • feel close to Jesus
  • See things in a different way
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"Every christian should go on a pilgrimage to the


  • see important sites in christian history
  • to be closer with God and strengthen their faith
  • help understand faith fuly as seeing real places like bethlehem and the via dolorosa
  • helps put christianity into context


  • money should be spent on chairty instead
  • it is not required unlike the muslim pilgrimages
  • disabled and ill may not be able to go
  • too expensive for some people
  • church doesn't teach it 
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Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • Marian shrine in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City
  • most visited catholic pilgrimage site and world's 3rd most- visited sacred site
  • Some pilgrims crawl on knees for miles as they approach the basillica
  • Belive virgin can cure any sickness, alcoholics go there &promise not to drink instead of AA
  • millions flock there on 12 Dec- feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe


  • Mary appeared infront of Juan Diego, local peasant, & asked for a church to be built on the Hill of Tepeyac in her honour
  • Archbishop did not believe him but Mary kept re- appearing, insisting him to keep on trying
  • Archbishop told Juan to prove it - Mary said she would on Monday
  • on monday, Juan's uncle was ill & was on death bed so he chose another route around the hill to avoid being delayed by Mary
  • Mary intercepted him and asked where he was going (4th apparation) and Mary asked him "am i not here, I who am your mother?"- (words became inscribed over main enterance of Basillica)
  • Mary cured his uncle and since then millions visit to se the miraculous image on the peasants cloak which contained the eveidence the Archbishop wanted
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  • Lady told Bernadette to dig a spring whcih had healing qualities
  • asked for a church to be built there


  • candle- light procession 
  • stations of cross in the hills
  • attend mass in basilica or church
  • bathe in water from spring
  • regular service for the sick
  • priest avaliable for confesion
  • visit the home of Bernadette

A visit to lourdes may help pilgrims in faith as if they know someone who is sick or are sick themselves, they can light a candle & sick can bathe in spring which has healing qualities. Also by visitng Bernadettes house, pilgrims can feel closer to Lourdes history which can strengthen their faith.

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How can pilgrimage change lives

  • gives people hope and strengthen in their livfes to deal with problems at home
  • helps people to discover themselves
  • helps people to find God again and value him in a new way
  • helps people help others i.e. helping a disabled person go on pilgrimage
  • helps christians feel like God accepts them
  • drags people out of comfort zones

No need to go out of UK?

  • costs more to go aborad- money could go to charity
  • good pilgrimge sites in uk i.e. Walsingham


  • most visited sites are abroad
  • pilgrimage is a journey and can be in any country
  • places like Jerusalem help strengthen faith& make it more real
  • places like Lourdes help disabled people come together and feel less alone 
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