Interactionst/ Postmodern theories of the nuclear family

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  • Interactionist/ Postmodern theories of the nuclear family
    • We cannot define what 'the family' is, as each unit is unique
      • We cannot discuss 'family decline' when each unit is so individual
      • We choose our family type to suit individual, emotional and social needs
        • It is not beneficial to some to form the 'traditional' family unit
    • Nuclear family is a social construction
    • Families are too varied to be generalised about. The idea of one family structure being 'good' Is meaningless
    • Family life is less stable than ever before, as we have more choice and diversity available than ever before
      • As we have more choice than ever before, the influence of society on our behaviour has weakened
    • Recognise the dark side of the family
      • Recognise there can be psychological costs to marriage especially for women and children, if they're living in fear of abuse
      • Variety of family diversity
        • The generation you were born into, life events that occur, social class differences, ethnic and cultural differences and your family structure
    • Criticisms of the Postmodern/ Interactionists
      • Lack focus on the social role and functions of the family
      • Some theories would argue that the fragmentation of our society will lead to anarchy and will be damaging
        • Argue that all diverse family types are in fact extensions or reductions of the Interactionist theories of the nuclear family
        • Family diversity is exaggerated


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