inspector calls mindmap

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  • inspector calls
    • Birling
      • capatilist
      • Fires Eva from the factory
      • doesnt learn from mistakes
      • only cares about money
    • Mrs Birling
      • Least regret
      • does not realise that her son slept with eva
      • Doesnt learn from it
    • Shelia
      • Most regret
      • Takes the place of the inspector
      • Gets her fired from Milwards
    • Eric
      • Stole money from his father
      • Got eva pregnant
      • learns lesson
    • Geralad
      • Slept with Eva
      • made inspector know what he did straight away
      • wants to stay with shelia
    • Inspector
      • Goole means grave digger/Ghost
      • picks good times to enter and exit
      • never find out who he is
    • conclusion
      • Phone will keep ringing till they get it right
      • all parcally responsible


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