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  • An Inspector Calls quotes:THE INSPECTOR
    • 'It is better to ask for the earth than to take it'.
      • The inspector's lesson to Mr Birling is that at least Eva Smith only asked for a pay rise.
        • 'Earth' could suggest money or wealth so Mr Birling takes it without asking.
          • warning about social responsibility.
    • '                There are a lot of young women... if there weren't the factories and warehouse wouldn't know where to look for cheap labor. Ask your father'.
      • The Inspector knows more about the roles of business more then Mr Birling
        • Mr Birling's workers are stereo typically women as they're power workers but get paid cheaply.
    • 'Sometimes, there isn't as much as much difference as you think'.
      • Referring to how Gerald pointed out how there are some respectful citizens
        • No criminal activity has happened but, The Inspector still thinks there is a place for consequence
          • People think citizens are different from each other but The Inspector points out how there 'isn't as much difference as you think'.
    • 'One Eva Smith has gone..but there are millions of Eva Smiths'.
      • Shows that just that one Eva Smith wasn't an important role to anyone as there are 'millions of Eva Smiths'.
        • She can be forgotten easily
          • The suicide has affected the Birlings, but they aren't showing it is as The Inspector could think they are guilty of her suicide.


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