An Inspector Calls MindMap

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  • An Inspector Calls
    • Context
      • Set Play In 1912 but made play in 1945
      • JB Priestly was a novelist, and a brodcaster
      • JB Priestly was a socialist
      • JB Priestly blamed the ruling classes (Capitalists who are greedy and only care for themselves)
      • Believed In peace and making life fair
      • Play promotes the idea of socialism, collective responsibility and compassion for other people
      • Warning for people not to make the same mistakes made in the past
    • Structure
      • At end of each act is a cliffhanger
      • Inspector interrogates each character in chronological order- Gerald in the middle of the play as he neither admits to what he has done or neither denies it
      • Light changes due to the inspector which shows that he is overpowering the whole family
      • The inspector is Priestley's socialist mouthpiece
      • Inspector used to test characters (2 passed, 2 didn't pass)
    • Language
      • Dramatic Irony to influence the audience
      • The birling's use Euphemism to hide what they mean
      • The Inspector uses imagery to get the visual image into your head in what's happening in the scene
      • Inspector uses imagery from the bible on his last speech
    • Themes
      • Social Class
      • Social Responsibility
      • Gender Roles
      • More equal rights for women
      • Judgements
      • Socialism vs. Capitalism



I love this mind map i just had touble connecting all connotations to text but thank you x


this made my zoot fall out my mouth m8 10/10 IGN


luv it m8




this is a good mind map

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