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  • Inspector Goole
    • ACT 3
      • "We are responsible for each other"
        • Sums up the key message of the whole play, but also the core principle of Socialism.
        • Links a connection between the Inspector and Priestley, as both have the same views and both demonize capitalism.
      • "each of you helped kill her"
        • A direct accusation to the family and Gerald - showing his clear views, something a real inspector would never do.
    • ACT 1
      • "her real name was Eva Smith" + "End of September nineteen-ten"
        • Presented as an Archetypal police inspector, restricting himself to factual information.
        • The syntax adds authenticity to the sense that he is genuine.
      • "Goole. G. Double O-L-E"
        • A normal police inspector would do this.
        • "Goole" sounds like "ghoul" - a demon sent to avenge the death of a person. Abnormal and supernatural aspect of the Inspector.
    • ACT 2
      • "we have to share something. If there's nothing else, we'll have to share our guilt"
        • "share" one of the key messages of the play but also Socialism. Connects the Inspector to Priestley.
      • "We often do on the young ones."
        • "young ones" sounds like he isn't human. Gives a hint of him being above humans.
        • Uses the word "We" instead of "I" - maybe he is referring to Priestley or a supernatural force.


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