Input devices and their advs. and disadvs. (continued)

Input devices and their advs. and disadvs. (continued)

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  • Input devices and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Magnetic ***** readers - able to read data stored in magnetic *****s on plastic cards. used for reading data off credit/debit/loyalty cards, access to control rooms and to computers.
    • MIDI( Musical Instrumental Digital Interface) instruments - and interface(a way of connecting and getting 2 devices to communicate with each other). sends signals to electronic devices e.g. keyboards, guitars, drum machines etc.
      • the devices also send signals back to computer hardware so that the signals can be stored and modified. e.g. the sound from a drum might be too loud in recording. MIDI saves the sound from the drum and makes it softer whilst keeping the other instruments the same pitch.
    • Interactive whiteboards - consist of a large interactive display connected to a projector and computer that is viewed by whole class. can use finger or pen to make selections on screen. it is able to detect presence of finger or pen.
    • Bar code readers - uses a series of light and drak bars of differing widths to enter a code that is printed underneath the barcode. using the code, the system can determine from a product databse the country of origin, the manufacturer, the name of the product, the price and other information.


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