Input devices and their advs. and disadvs. (continued)

same topic as the last but has been continued

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  • Input devices and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Joystick/video game controller - are ideal for quick movement, they can be used to move a cursor on a screen.
    • Microphone - allows data sound to be converted into data. voice recognition is used to interpret the sounds into words.
      • you can tell the computer what to do. can dicatate letters and other documents directly into word or email package, voice recognition. for videocalling, e.g. skype. can issue instructions to your computer.
    • Remote controls - input devices and are used to issue commands to ICT systems.
    • Scanners - used to scan in photos and other images to put into docs or webpages. can be used to scan text.
    • Digital still camera - looks like normal camera but there is no film and there is a screen to view the picture.
      • they have memory cards to store images, more memory a camera has, more pictures that can be stored,photos can be deleted, transfer the pictures to the computer and can be edited.


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