Innate and Learned Behaviour - Edexcel

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  • Innate and Learned Behaviour
    • Innate Behaviour
      • Inherited behaviour
        • Can be a simple reflex or a complicated behaviour (e.g. courtship ritual)
        • Reflex action are inherited behaviours and protects us from dangerous stimuli
    • Learned Behaviour
      • Lets animals respond to changing conditions
        • Animals can learn from previous experiences
      • Habituation
        • Giving an animal a stimulus thats isn't beneficial or harmful to it - it learns not to respond to it
          • By ignoring the stimuli, animals spend more energy and time efficiently
    • Imprinting
      • When an animal learns to recognise its parents and follows them
        • Combination of learned and innate behaviour
      • Occurs in species who move soon after birth.
        • Newborn has an instinct to follow the first moving object they see - usually parent who helps them survive
          • BUT the animal has no innate instinct of what parent looks like - they have to learn this
  • Ducklings usually imprint on parents. BUT if reared from birth by a human, the hu


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