Bio T3 Inheriting Blood groups & Co-dominance

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  • Codominance
    • Blood group
      • 4 potential blood groups   O (recessive) A, B & AB (dominant)
        • Letter I represents blood group gene, 3 different alleles for blood type gene Iº, I?, I?
          • I  & I  codominant so when individual has both alleles (genotype I I ) they'll have blood type AB as one isn't dominant over the other
          • Iº recessive  so need 2 of recessive alleles for blood type O to be expressed (genotype IºIº) if you get Iº with e.g. I (genotype I Iº) only see effect of I?, so have blood type A
      • Can predict using Punnet sqaures
    • when both alleles are expressed in the phenotype as one doesn't dominate the other
    • Both codominant alleles are shown by uppercase letters (e.g. W for white & B for black)
      • Can predict using Punnet sqaures


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