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  • Inheritance
    • Monohybrid
      • genetic crosses
      • inheritance of a single gene
      • dominant and recessive
    • Sex linked
      • most commonly attached to X chromosome
      • can be carried by women without being affected
      • men mostly affected
      • pedigree charts show sex linked genes
    • Co-dominance and multiple alleles
      • both alleles are equally dominant
      • sometimes produce a dominance hierarchy
      • blood type is an example of co-dominance (AB)
    • Allelic frequencies
      • p2+2pq+q2
      • assumes no mutations arise, no flow of alleles in/out of population and no selection taking place
    • Selection
      • directional
      • stabilising
    • Speciation
      • geographical isolation through physical barrier
      • mutation is selected for
      • allelic frequency of each group becomes different
      • reproductive isolation


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