Influences on educational achievement

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  • influences on educational achievement
    • Home Factors
      • Parental values and expectations
        • parents with professional jobs are more likely to have high expectations of their children and monitor their performance
      • Parents educational background
        • parents with high educational qualifications are more able to help with homework
      • economic circumstances
        • students from well off backgrounds are more likely to have facilities to study at home
      • cultural background
        • chinese culture values education and respecting elders very highly, so britich chinese pupils have high educational aspirations.
    • School Factors
      • The school curriculum
        • the curriculum has been seen to be biased towards white European cultures as other histories are not really included.
      • Teachers expectations and labelling
        • negative labeling leads to a self fulfilling prophecy
      • pupil cultures
        • pupils can experience peer pressure or fall into anti-school cub cultures
      • institutional racism
        • the unintended consequences of the way that institutions are organised
    • Government policies
      • school's admissions policies
        • certsain admissions policies work against those from disadvantaged backgrounds
      • marketisation
        • national league tables have a negative effect on low achievers from disadvantaged backgrounds
      • Educational Maintenance Allowance
        • gave students from low income backgrounds financial help if they continued education after GCSE's


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