Influence on ideas about the cause of disease - medieval england

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  • Influence on ideas about the cause of disease
    • Individuals
      • Hippocrates
      • Galen
        • books were preserved and available in Europe for a long time, very popular.
          • Hippocrates
        • popular with the church, so he was widely promoted.
    • Church
      • Didn't like change
      • Controlled medical learning
      • Chose the books that were copied and distributed .
      • Liked the Theory of the four Humours, so they promoted it
        • Discouraged anyone from criticizing it
    • Science and technology
      • lack of scientific understanding meant that new knowledge was limited.
        • tried to make new discoveries fit into the old theories, rather than experimenting to explain the discoveries
      • Printing Press
        • 1440: Gutenberg - eventually lead to much faster and easier sharing of medical texts - not a huge impact in the Medieval area
    • Attitudes in society
      • strong belief in God , so they didn't want to be critical and risk going to Hell.
      • physicians that didn't use the old theories found it difficult to find work.
      • many believed that, since medicine had always been done this way, there was no need to change it.


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