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  • Infancy (0-2)
    • Growth - A growth in size
      • Bond - Grow closer and develop emotional bonds
        • If children dont form a good bond and good experince of attathment threy will have problems in later life which can lead to feeling insecure when forming relationships
      • Attachment  - the bonding process between an infant or child or child and its carer
    • Development - An increase in skills and abilities
    • Gross motor         skills:            3 Month- Some head lag
      • 6 month - Baby can support and turn its head.    lift head when on its front
        • 9 month -         Can sit and turn body by themselves     Pull themselves p and take a few     steps
          • 12 month -   Baby can crawl, but some shuffle
            • 15 month -     Most babies can walk by themselves
              • Language Development
                • 0-3 months - make mouth movement after 6 weeks, respond by gurgling, cries to ask for food or comfort
                • 6-12 months - understands some words such as 'bye', makes sounds such as 'baba'
                • 18 months - uses a small number of words, repeats what you say, can follow instructions
                  • 2 years - can link 2 words together e,g (mine car), by 2 and a half years old know around about 200 words
      • Gross motor    skills are:          use of muscles in boidy such as  walking, crawling it controls development from the head down to the legs
    • Fine motor            skills:                 6 month -     Can grasp an object
      • 9 month -            Can use thumb and to pick up object
        • 10 month -        Can use index finger
          • 12 month -     Can point to an object and throw things
            • 15 months -      Can feed themselves and drink from a cup
      • Fine motor         skills are :         learning to control smaller muscles such as hands, fingers and feet.
    • Primitive Reflexs
      • Rooting - touch the babies cheek, turn their head
        • Suckling - Anything that is put in mouth, it will **** and swallow it
        • Moro (startle) -  A loud noise or a bright light, the hands will clench and elbows are bent
        • Grasp -      Place an object in the    babies hand,     it will grasp    onto it
          • Walking -     Held upright and feet touching the ground, the baby will  make walking   movements
      • Reflex is an automatic response to a stimuli. Primitive reflexes disappear in the early months of life. They are replaced by voluntary movements.


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