Health and social unit 1 mindmap

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  • Health  and social care
    • health and wellbeing
      • this refers to the PIES that is the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs.
    • self-concept
      • this is a combination of self-image and self-esteem
        • self-image
          • how one see them selves
            • self-esteem
              • how one values themselves
    • life stage
      • this refers to one of the six life stages people go through during their lives.
        • 1. infancy ( 1-2 years)
        • 2. early childhood ( 3-8 years
        • 3. adolescence (9- 18 years)
        • 4. early adulthood ( 19- 45 years)
        • 5. middle adulthood ( 46 -65 years
        • 6. later adulthood ( 66+ years
    • Life span
      • the period of time between birth and death.
    • factor
      • some thing that influences other things.
    • nature
      • the influence of our genes
    • nurture
      • the influence of our environment.
    • ego-centrism
      • seeing things from only your point of view. (selfishness)
    • modelling
      • displaying behavior for others to copy.
    • growth
      • this is the process of increasing in size( height and weight)
    • development
      • this is the process of acquiring new skills
    • puberty
      • a period of physical changes caused by hormonal changes in the body
    • abstract thinking
      • the ability to think about something that is not there or even exist.




Health and Social Unit 1 is about improving health and social conditions for people. The unit consists of four parts: health, education, work, and the community. Health is all about preventing diseases and treating them when they occur. Education focuses on the basic needs of people in health, such as clothes, food, and shelter. Need you can check for more things about the clinic. Work includes access to jobs, skills training, and income generation. And finally, the community acts as a support structure for both people living in their own country as well as those living in other countries.

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