Infancy Milestones MindMap

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  • Infancy Milestones
    • New Born
      • Primitive reflexes
    • 1 Month
      • Lifts up chin, some control of the head
    • 3 Months
      • Reaches towards objects. Lifts head when laid on stomach
      • Holds rattle for a few seconds. Moves hands towards bottle.
    • 4/5 Months
      • Sits supported
    • 6 Months
      • Sits unsupported. Rolls over, can kick strongly. Lifts head and chest when lying on stomach.
      • Can move objects from one hand to another. Picks up dropped toys if they are in sight.
    • 9 Months
      • Stands alone, holding on to something. tries to crawl. achieve movement of all limbs. Can lean forward without falling over.
      • Begins to have 'pincer' movement between finger and thumb. Stretches out for held toy. can release toys by dropping it.
    • 12 Months
      • Pulls to stand. May walk alone or holding onto furniture. May crawl upstairs. Sits upright well.
      • Good pincer movement. Bangs things together. Throws toys deliberately.
    • 15 Months
      • Can walk without help.
    • 18 Months
      • Runs
      • Holds small objects. Can hold a pencil to draw.
    • 2 Years
      • Picks things up without falling over. Kicks a  ball.
      • Eats competently with a spoon. can build a tower of 6 bricks.
    • 2/3 Years
      • Stands on toes, jumps off a step. Can ride a tricycle.
      • Can use crayons competently.


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