Industry: Russia 1855-1964

Mind map - mainly on statistics for industry. Hope it helps someone :)

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  • Industry: Russia 1855-1964
    • Alexander II
      • Proto-management of the economy
        • Previously, industrialisation had been associated with the rise of an urban proletariat; Alexander changed this.
        • Foreign expertise: Ludwig Loop developed textile industry. JJ Hughes transformed iron and steel production: employed in 1871
      • Railway Construction
        • Reutern (minister for finance) increased amount of railway track  sevenfold
      • Oil Production
        • increased from 0m Puds to 41m puds
    • Alexander III
      • Witte's Great Spurt
        • Coal production doubled
        • Encouraged foreign investment
        • Capital grew on average by 120% p.a
        • Criticism of his policies: neglected engineering and textiles, foreign investments not secure and discouraged  home growth
      • Russia became the world's 4th largest industrial power
    • Nicholas II
      • Witte dismissed 1903
      • First World War
        • Some historians argue that without the first world war, Russia could have caught up with the West
        • Bread prices inflated by 400%
        • Russia struggled to meet demands at the front
      • Stolypin: GNP increase of 3.5%
    • Lenin
      • War Communism
        • Grain requisitioning
        • Heavy opposition
        • Population of Moscow and Petrograd halved
      • NEP
        • emergence of the 'Nepman'
        • 'a temporary deviation, a tactical retreat'
        • Coal increased by 18.5 millions of tonnes
    • Stalin
      • Five-Year Plans
        • increase of between 5 and 6% annual compound growth rate
          • Higher than several Western countries
        • Targets frequently double what was actually achieved
        • Focus on heavy industry: no consumer goods
        • Officially introduced 1929
      • Wanted economic autarky
    • Khrushchev
      • Five Year Plans
        • First plan abandoned
      • Seven Year Plans
        • Still achieved under the target set but less dramatically
        • Diversification in what was produced
          • Consumer goods i.e TV sets: 3655 thousand in 1965




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