Nissan, Sunderland case study

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  • industrial zone: nissan
    • FEB 1984 nissan + gov agreed to built a car plant in uk
      • they opened a nissan uk to avoid tariffs on imported cars.
    • 3.23 square km of brownfield on an old air field in sunderland
      • land offered to Nissan for £1,800 per acre
      • took up over 2 square miles and had room for expansion
    • why gov helped Nissan
      • N.E undergone industrial decline
      • closure of many ship yards on the tyne and wear
      • lots of coal mines close on Durham coalfields
    • incentives
      • strong engineering traditions
      • close to major cities like Newcastle and Sunderland
      • a skilled workforce near by
      • A19/A1 offers major n-s transport route. close to major sea ports on tyne and tees
        • for shipping in/out of components and finished products
        • for European distribution
    • what happened next
      • July 1986: first car off production line.
        • saved from closure as it was most productive plant
      • had competition from Eu where costs were lower


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