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  • Individual Differences Approach
    • Assumptions
      • Questions the need to provide generalisations about human behaviour
      • Studies are often focused on gender, cultural diversity, personality and pathological behaviour
      • recognises that human condition is extremely diverse
    • Strengths
      • Research is often carried out using a wide range of methodologies
        • Thigpen and Clekely use a case study single subject design where as Griffiths uses a quasi experiment with an independent measures deisgn
      • Very useful with ready application to daily life
        • Griffiths findings could be used to treat gambling addictions
    • Weaknesses
      • Ethical issues surrounding highlighting people as 'different'
        • Shown in Rosenhan's study were once a person is labelled as insane that label is hard to remove
      • The Individual approach ignores that fact that somebody could be 'different' because of the situation they are but and only focuses on internal dispositions
        • For example Eve White may have shown symptoms of MPD because of the expectations of being a wife in America 1950s
  • recognises that human condition is extremely diverse


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