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Cognitive Psychology ­ Memory
DURATION Measured in seconds Measured in hours, days
and minutes. and years.
CAPACITY 7 (+/-) chunks Potentially unlimited
ENCODING Acoustic or Visual Semantic (meaning)

Key terms:
Short term memory ­ your memory for immediate events.
Long term memory ­ your…

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Short term memory studies ­

DURATION: Lloyd and Margaret Peterson (1959) recall experiment.
CAPACITY: Miller (1956) the magic number seven (give or take two).

Long term memory studies ­

Bahrick et al ­ recall from yearbook.
Shepard (1967) duration of LTM.

Multi-store model ­

The multi store model is an…

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Working memory model ­

Baddely and Hitch ­ felt that STM was not just one store but a number of different stores.

Evidence supporting ­ Hitch and Baddely (two tasks at the same time)

Strenghts ­ model explains observations made by psychologists and the partial short term
memory difficulties experienced…

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Mnemonics (verbal/visual), mind maps, spider diagrams.


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