individual differences - cognitive factors evaluation

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  • cognitive factors evaluation
    • Research support - hostile attribution bias
      • Schonenberg and Justye 2014 - showed emotionally ambiguous faces to 55 antisocial violent offenders, compared their responses to matched control participants (‘normal’)
      • Faces showed angry, happy, fearful emotions, in varying levels of intensity
      • Offenders more likely to interpret that pictures with some expression of anger were expressions of aggression
      • Researchers concluded that misinterpretation of non-verbal cues may partly explain aggressive-impulsive behaviour in susceptible individuals
    • Ignoring role of biological and social factors
      • Social factors such as poverty and emotional factors such as loss may play a more significant role in the explanation of an individual’s criminal behaviour
      • Caspi found that  12% of men who had low MAOA were responsible for 44% of violent convictions and experienced maltreatment.
      • Biological and social factors may be more important factors in explaining violent behaviour than distorted thinking.
      • This means that the cognitive explanation may not be a complete explanation of criminal behaviour.


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