Indian Life

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  • Indian Life
    • Marrige/family life
      • Tribes would consist of 10-50 people.
        • Families would have thier own tipi.
      • women were highly vauled
      • Everyone was expected to do thier spesific job
        • Women always had aprovider as the men practised polygamy
    • Children
      • Children were highly valued
      • Did not have school learnt skills from other reletives
      • Boys were taught how to hunt and girls were matain the home
    • Old people
      • Able to give good advice in the council
      • They help to bring up young children
      • They may be left behind when they are week
    • Custom and tradition
      • If an indervidual broke a rule they would be humiliated infront of the band
      • Punishment for murder could be banishment
      • These ideas helped as they got rid of the bad people in the bands.
    • Chiefs and Councils
      • Indians became chiefs because of wisdom, spiritual power, also skills as warriors.
      • The men of the band decide on the important things during the council.
      • This gave the indians a clear leader and their council helped as it is many opinions in stead of just one.
    • Role of the Warrior
      • Warriors were responsible for supervising, hunting, travelling and protecting the village.
      • Their opinions were always important
      • The warriors were very helpful as they were trained specifically for doing these tasks


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