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  • India - NIC - Service sector
    • why was India attractive to investment???
      • Skilled workforce
      • Educated Workforce
      • Multilingual - could speak english
      • Low labour costs
      • good communication links
      • favourable government policies
      • offer a range of office based skills
      • tnc's saved money
        • average uk salery = 12,500£/yr average indian salery = 1200£/yr
    • 1990's - economic reforms made
      • reduced trade barriers
      • encouraged foreign direct investment
    • 1980's/1990's indians discovered uk needs
      • set up businesses to supply needs
      • low labour costs meant supplying the same service cheaper
      • TNC's outsourced to india as its cheaper
    • Nowadays
      • service sector plays a large part in Indian economy - 56% in 2011
      • has increased wealth and employment
      • increased living standards
      • but... profits leave india
      • benefits are only avaliable to educated middle class
        • increases poverty gap


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