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- the term 'superpower' was first used after World War 2  to refer to the USA, British Empire and USSR 


  • a nation or group of nations that has a leading position in international politics
  • a country with dominant global political and economic influence 

how do you become a superpower?

  • wealth 
  • military power eg nuclears 
  • allies 
  • trade resources and natural resources 
  • technology 
  • physical size and geographical position 
  • belief systems and culture 
  • population 

Groups of countries 

BRICs / BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India and China (and South Africa)

MINT - Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey 

NICs - newly industralised countries 

RICs - recently industralised countries 

Asian Tigers - they are highly free market and developed economies of Hong Kong, South Korea…


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