Important Nazis

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  • Important Nazis
    • Josef Goebbles
      • Could not fight in WW1 due to his crippled leg.
      • He was a good speaker and was very intelligent.
      • Joined the Nazi Party in 1921.
      • At first, he opposed Hitler's leaderhip.
      • Became one of Hitler's most influential supporters.
      • Was appointed editor of the Nazi newspaper.
    • Hermann Goering
      • Fought in the Airforce in WW1.
      • Won the highest medal fo Bravery under Fire.
      • A loud character who was intelligent.
      • Joined the party in 1922.
      • Was in charge of the SA
    • Rudolf Hess
      • Fought in the WW1 as a soldier and a piolot.
      • Joined the party in 1920.
      • Worshipped Hitler.
      • Was Hitler's private ecretary.
      • Later became resposible for matters of party administration.
    • Heinrich Himmler
      • Fought in WW1 briefly.
      • Wa hard-working and very precise.
      • Joine the party in 1923.
      • Early posts were as regional party chief in various regions.
    • Ernst Rohm
      • Fought in WW1 as a captain.
      • joined the Freikorps and helped crush the Spartacists.
      • Founder member of the German Workers' Party in 1919.
      • Supported Hitler when he took over the Nazi party in 1920.
      • He set up and ran the SA for Hitler in 1921.


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