Reasons for the Nazi party success 1929-1933

In May 1928 the Nazi party had only 12 seats. By July 1932, the nazis had 230 seats. They became the biggest party in the reichstag.

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  • Reasons for Nazi party success 1929-33
    • Farmers
      • The nazis promised to protect farmers from the communists
    • Support from women by speaking of the key role for women
    • Propaganda
      • Hitler made it clear that he wanted to scrap the Treaty of Versailles.
      • Goebbels played an important role
    • Big businesses
      • supported the nazis because Hitler promised protection from communists and strong leadership
      • money funded propaganda and allowed SA to expand
    • Middle class support
      • The middle class were hit hard by the GD. They liked the nazi's message
    • The Great Depression
      • Nazis offered bread and work and HOPE
      • The GD resulted in people losing faith in the gov. People turned to extremist parties. Left wing (communists) appealed to workers


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