SUPERPOWERS - Imperial power and empire building

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  • Imperial power - empire building
    • An empire is a group of territories and their peoples ruled over by one country, usually taken by conquest. the conquered territories are usually called colonies.
    • 1500-1950 was the imperial phase
      • European powers such as the UK, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany conquered small coastal lands and islands (Jamaica)
        • Navy's and armies protect the land from enemies travelling by sea.
          • Businesses,  often government owned, exploited resources by mining (gold and tin) and plantation farming (coffee, tea, rubber).
            • coastal colonies extend inland
              • religion and sport introduced
                • governments set up to rule
                  • trade, farms and technology follow.
    • Britain had the largest empire, reaching its peak in 1920 when it controlled 24% of the world's land.
      • anybody who rebelled the empire ruling would be brutally suppressed.
    • Today, a mini empire by Russia over Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.


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