Impact of War (Topic 1)

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  • Impact of War
    • WW1 (1914-1918): Led to a boost in Allied morale. 100,000 American deaths, Wilson's 14 point programme. Wilson hoped the LoN would maintain peace. But many Americans opposed to the idea of US involvement in world affairs
      • Return to Normalcy gave Harding his winning votes
      • Isolationism 1920-39: Americans wanted to focus on themselves and the effects of the GD
    • WW2 (1939-1945): Roosevelt won the 1940 election by promising that the army will not be entered into any foreign wars. He challenged Isolationism. Encouraged Congress to support lend-lease aid to Britain ($7 billion)
      • Helped to begin change for the women and to pave the way for the CR
      • Economy prospered during the war as they provided many goods for the world. Became the worlds strongest power after the war
    • Korea (1950-1953): Led to Americans supporting Republicans.50,000 American soldiers killed. Mass media coverage - Eisenhower seen as a hero as the USA had prevented S. Korea from falling into communism, but there was the fear of the domino theory which impacted US foreign policy decisions for the next 20yrs. The USA helped  to rebuild Japan and a peace treaty was signed with them in 1951.
      • Increased military spending. Led to American rearmament. Their defense budget went up to $48 billion in 1951 and $60 billion by 1952.
    • Vietnam (1955-1975): 56,000 dead. America lost the war. TV coverage showed suffering and destruction. Servery damaged the economy - billions put into the war
      • Johnson introduced a 10% tax surcharge as he couldn't be in the Vietnam war and have sufficient funds to continue the Great Society. However, many saw this as too little too late. Congress refused to allow the surcharge without a $6 billion cut from domestic spending on Great Society programme
      • Anti-war movement, many burnt their draft cards


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