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  • Government
    • anti-council propaganda
      • clean your own pavement, be weirdly close to neighbours
      • council can't afford to repair or sweep roads after snow - which is like an apocalypse
      • litter doesn't exist
    • can't fix bridges so how does it do anything else?
    • polls
      • 1958 - 75% trusted federal govt to do right thing
      • now - only 19%
    • Democrats vs Republicans
      • both think govt should care for elderly
      • Republicans don't like helping poor young families
      • Republicans like Washington if they're in power but are still suspicious
      • Democrats like govt more
    • people move about for tax
      • not done in the UK because tax is the same everywhere
        • even though Scotland has the right to change it - they don't
      • 7 states without income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, S Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming
        • this is a problem because nothing works
    • poor infrastructure
      • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said in 2016...
        • state and local spending was at a 30-year low
          • this included schools and wastewater treatment
      • total capital spending as a share of state GDP had fallen in all but 5 states
      • American Society of Civil Engineers said in 2013
        • to modernise America's infrastructure would cost $3.4 trillion
    • the govt's job is to...
      • keep people safe
      • deal with weather
      • strengthen economy, provide education, retirement income, healthcare, poverty help
      • they want a small govt which does a lot
    • Pew Research Center
      • which is more important?
        • freedom to achieve goals
          • 58% of Americans
          • 1/3 Britain, Spain, France, Germany
        • ensured without need
          • 1/3 Americans
          • 2/3 West Europe
    • libertarianism
      • maximum freedom, minimum govt
      • didn't like spy agency spying
        • all went a bit Person of Interest
      • party spent less money on national security, repeal drug laws, seatbelt and crash helmet laws
        • right to roam
  • anti-Washington


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