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  • Ideology
    • Marxism and Ideology
      • Ruling Class Ideology: Equality won't work because of 'human nature.' Bowles and Gintis’ 'the poor are dumb' theory. Racist ideas that ethnic minorities are inferior, making them easier to rule. However, Marx claims that the working class will unite to overthrow capitalism.
      • Hegemony and revolution
        • Gramsci's 'Hegemony' is maintained partly by force and ideology. Gramsci argues that the working class have a dual consciousness –a mixture of ruling class ideology and ideas developed from their own exploitation. 
    • Karl Mannheim
      • Mannheim distinguished between two types of belief system: Ideological thought: Justifies keeping things as they are. The privileged benefit from maintaining the status quo. Utopian thought: Justifies social change. Mannheim sees Marxism as an example of utopian thought. 
      • The belief system of each group only gives us a partial truth.
      • The  free-floating intelligentsia
        • In Mannheim's  view, the solution is to 'detach' intellectuals from social groups.By standing above the conflict and synthesising elements of different partial  ideologies to creat a 'total worldview' benefiting all of society. However, opposing views wouldn't come together.
  • Feminism and Ideology
    • Pauline Marks describes how science has excluded women from education. 19th century male doctors and scientists claimed that it would ‘disqualify women from their true vocation.’ However, before the emergence of monotheistic religions,  there were female priests and the celebration of fertility cults.


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