ICT Systems

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What is an ICT System?

  • An ICT systems consists of hardware, software, data and the users.
  • It also contains communication technology, e.g. the internet.
  • Computers are hardware that are sometimes part of the system.
  • ICT systems are used in a number of different environments, e.g. offices, shops, factories, aircraft and ships.
  • They are also used in different fields, e.g. communications, medicine and farming.

The Importance of ICT Systems:

  • You can be more productive as you can do more tasks at a time and at a cheaper price.
  • ICT systems can deal with large amounts of information and process them quickly.
  • They can also transmit and receive information quickly.

Information Systems:

  • This type of ICT system manages data and information.
  • E.g. a sports club membership system or a supermarket system.

Control Systems:

  • These mainly control machines.
  • They use input, process and output.
  • The output may be a robot arm moving (for example), rather than infromation.

Communication Systems:

  • Their output is transporting data from one place to another

Input, Output and System Diagrams:

  • ICT systems take inputs (instructions and data), process them and produce outputs that are stored or communicated.
  • Higher quality and better thought-out inputs produce more useful outputs.

Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO):

  • ICT systems cannot function properly if the inputs are inaccurate or faulty.
  • They will either not be able to process the data at all or will output data, which is full of errors or useless.

An ICT System Diagram:

  • A system is an assembly of parts that make a whole when together.



  • Feedback is when the output of a system feeds back to influence the input


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