Hungarian Uprising 1956

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  • Hungarian Uprising 1956
    • Causes
      • Rakosi was put in power after WW2. He had a damaging leadership because his secret police (AVH), were brutal. There was also lot poverty and standard of living was poor.
    • Events
      • There were massive protests against Rakosi's leadership and AVH
        • The statue of Stalin was pulled down and dragged through the streets
          • This is because the Hungarian people thought the death of Stalin would lead to more free lives ('destailinisation')
        • Rakosi was forced to resign and Soviet tanks came in to control the masses
          • Nagy then became president and tanks withdrew
            • Nagy wanted to reform Hungary;and hold free elections, end the power of secret police and remove Soviet army occupation
              • Khrushchev became threatened by Nagy's objectives especially when he wanted to withdraw from the Warsaw pact. This was a step too far; if free elections took place, communism might fade out in Hungary.
                • Khrushchev's response to this threat was to bring in 1000 soviet tanks to invade Hungary. There was 2 weeks of fighting and thousands of Hungarians and soviets were killed. Nagy asked help from the west but they did nothing. Nagy was captured then shot :(
    • Results
      • Kadar came into power.
      • Other soviet states witnessed the travesty and learnt not to test the powers of the Soviet Union


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