Humans and the Environment

Mindmap showing threats to the environment, caused by humans

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  • Humans and the Environment
    • Overfishing
      • More fish caught than can be replaced through natural reproduction
      • marine biologists protest against--protect endangered species.
      • people who rely on fish for income affected
        • French/Spanish/ British fighting over fishing grounds
        • Somali pirates protect waters after government collapse
      • Only a problem in last 60 years, when people started fishing with big nets
      • Fish waste: limits on how many can be caught, but dead ones get thrown back
      • affect ecosystems and risk extinctions
    • Peat bogs
      • Destruction of bogs contributes to global warming: bogs store CO2
      • Peat=undecayed plant tissue, environment too acidic to decay normally
      • Destroyed for fuel/compost, drained for agriculture
      • 45% peat bogs in britain destroyed
      • also give off methane--marsh gas
    • Deforestation
      • 3 million hectares per year cut down in Amazon/ 8 football fields a day
      • timber used for fuel, paper, furniture ect
      • Destroy animal habitats, and harm Amazon natives
      • companies like Andrex replant trees
      • forests convert CO2 to O, also stores of CO2
    • Acid rain
      • fossil fuels burn, sulphates and nitrates dissolved into rain water
      • kills trees and can destroy whole ecosystems
        • forests in Eastern/Central Europe, eg Czech republic, especially affected
        • plants/ animals cannot live in lakes which have become too acidic. concerns over human health
      • restrictions on factory sulphur emissions


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