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  • The Human Rights Act
    • ARTICLE 1: Commits all signatories to protecting the rights included in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
    • ARTICLE 2: Protects the right to life.
    • ARTICLE 3: Prohibits torture and degrading or inhuman treatment.
    • ARTICLE 4: Outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude.
    • ARTICLE 5: Secures liberty and security of the individual against arbitrary arrest and imprisonment.
    • ARTICLE 6: Guarantees a fair trial.
    • ARTICLE 7: Prevents legislation that criminalises acts retrospectively.
    • ARTICLE 8: Promotes respect for the individual's private and family life.
    • ARTICLE 9: Protects the freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
    • ARTICLE 10: Enshrines the right to freedom of expression.


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