How the UK protects Civil Rights

Civil Rights

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Method Description Limitations
Appeals to the courts under Contravention of the EU Cannot strike down
the HRA convention by a public body. legislation passed by
Judicial Review Review actins by gov. that Decisions are not binding.
have been unfair Slow expensive.
Parliament In considering legislation andGov dominates commons
gov actions, mps seek to and lords are weak
uphold rights
European Court of Justice EU court upholds rights. Does not deal with general
BINDING. rights.
Media Campaigns Ignorance
Pressure groups Campaigns Ignorance
Public Opinion Prevent alienation Rights issues are not upheld.
How rights are protected in the UK.
The elected parliament is the main body which protects civil liberties.
Because of lack of constitution it is harder to conduct judicial review.
Law Lords
Elitists and Conservative
White, male and middle and upper middle class backgrounds.
Average age over 60
8% women
67% private school
60% Oxbridge
15 member judicial appointments commission 5 judges, 5 lawyers and 5 people not
connected to legal profession.
Vacancies advertised
Interview and short listing
Selections and recommendations decided to Secretary of State.


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