How to do it.

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  • How To Do It
    • Possible materials
      • MDF - cheap,easy to shape, uniform colour
        • Laminated MDF - gives a nice finish without the cost of proper wood
      • Plywood - cheap
      • Decoration
        • Wooden panels - aristic colouration
        • Aluminium - coated and non coated for different colours and affects
        • Thin acrylic or HIPs - cheap, clear printing (can get wharped by heat)
    • Shapes
      • Simple and Symmetrical
      • Art Deco Shapes
        • Inspired by ships, pyramids
        • Use art deco buildings and designers
      • Straight lines and east designs
    • Needs
      • Storage compartment
      • Different compartments for work and recreation
    • Production Techniques
      • Knock down fittings
        • Jigs and prefitted componenets
      • Biscuit joints
      • Glue
      • Screws and nails


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