How the Nazis Persecuted the Jews

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  • How the Nazis Persecuted Jews
    • Anti-Jewish propaganda
      • Schools, Hitler Youth Groups and Cartoons
      • Boycotts of Jewish businesses
      • Jews not allowed to be lawyers, or doctors, or teachers.
      • Radio and newspapers all controlled by Goebbels
    • Increased Discrimination
      • Nuremberg Laws banning marriage between Jews and Aryans
      • Jewish businesses closed
      • Jewish doctors forbidden to treat Aryans
      • Banned from cinemas/theatres not allowed to own radios
    • Attacks and violence
      • Kristallnacht
        • Nazis attacking synagoges
      • Jewish children banned from Aryan schools
      • Jews had to have first name either Sarah or Israel
    • Second World War
      • 3 million Jews in Poland came under Nazi control after invasion
      • Forced into small Ghettos
      • Nazis invaded Russia and within 6 months 1/2 a million were killed (JEWS)
    • Wannsee Conference
      • Nazis had decided on 'final solution'
      • Planned the death camps and gas chambers
      • Most death camps built in Poland


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