How 'Great' was the Great Reform Act 1832 - Groups

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  • How 'Great' was the Great Reform Act 1832 - Groups
    • Middle Class
      • Very satisfied
      • Gave them vote - reduced gap with U/C
    • Tories
      • Chandos clause = Allowed them to still sway elections
      • Recognised that reform was required
        • Somewhat glad it wasn't them to pass it
      • Prevents revolution
      • Content that no more reform woud occur
    • Working Class
      • Originally saw it as a breakthrough
        • Alliance with M/C - maybe gave them a voice
          • Hoped further reform would follow
      • Eventually realised they had been played
        • Betrayed
    • Whigs
      • Keeps them in power
      • Prevents Revolution
        • Days of May
          • Closest to rev Britain has ever been
      • Increases votership
        • M/C would vote for Whigs because they are grateful
      • Appease majority
    • Introduction
      • Define 'great'
        • Each group satisfied, Prevents revolution
          • Each groups' aims


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